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Swim Lessons

The Drowning Prevention Coalition
of Palm Beach County

Provides vouchers for free swimming lessons each year. Visit their website for more information

Local Swim Facilities

For local swim facilities, see attached list of Pools for programming

Swim Competency

As defined by the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, establishes a general definition of water competency that identifies specific skills and includes the concept that water competency depends on the aquatic environment and environmental conditions.

Water Competency

must include:
1) Entry – with total submersion Recovery to the surface and remain there for at least one minute (floating or treading)
2) Orientation – position to be able to turn 360 degrees and orient to the exit
3) Propulsion – level off and move on front and/or on back position for at least 25 yards
5) Exit from the water

Water competency is influenced by conditions of the aquatic environment (water temperature, movement, depth, clothing, distance, etc.) into which the person may be introduced. Demonstration of skills in one aquatic environment may not transfer to another.

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